People Funny Boy

Lee Perry – People Funny Boy


Thanks to 45cat for label scans.


Having already recorded ‘The Upsetter’ after falling out with Coxsone, Lee Perry now went on to record ‘People Funny Boy’ About Joe Gibbs. It is based on the rhythm of ‘Long Shot‘ And ‘Jackpot’ and you have to love that sample of a baby crying. ‘People Funny By’ is available on Metro Music’s Lee Perry – The Upsetter: Essential Madness The Scratch Files.

Sir Gibbs – People Grudgeful

AMG 822A

Thanks to Strickly Vibes for label scan.


Written in response to  ‘People Funny Boy’ It features Joe Gibbs himself singing. ‘People Grudgeful’ was available on Joe Gibbs Mood (The Amalgamated Label 1968-1971 which has been deleted.

The Pioneers – Pan Ya Machette

AMG 822B

Thanks to Strickly Vibes for label scan.


Miscredited to Sir Gibbs on the UK release. ‘Pan Ya Machette’ sees the Pioneers getting involved in the fallout between Lee Perry and Joe Gibbs. It was available on The Trojan CD Long Shot Kick De Bucket: the Best of the Pioneers but I think that this too has now been deleted.

The Actions – Wepp



I imagine this was too good an opportunity for Coxsone to miss so he got involved with this offering, which is not available on CD.

The Upsetters – Sokup



Lee Pery’s house band The Upsetters getting some extra mileage out of this rhythm, as far as I know this is not available on CD either.

Dennis Alcapone & Lee Perry – Back Biter


Thanks to Reggae Collector for label scan.


A nice DJ cut and once again not available on CD.

Derrick Morgan – Hard Time


Thanks to 45cat for label scans.

‘Hard Time’ was available on Derrick Morgan – Original Reggae Recording 1968-70.

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