Rocksteady Coxsone Style

Rock Steady Coxsone Style


1. Winston And Robin – Bad Mind Grudgeful
2. Bennett And Dennis – Puppy Love
3. Cannon And The Soul Vendors – Bad Treatment
4. Bumps Oakley – A Get A Lick
5. Sultans – Hip Hug Her
6. Jacob Miller – Let Me Love You
7. Termites – Rub Up Push Up
8. Winston And Robin – Wailing Time
9. Eric Frater – Venus
10. Marshall Williams – Nowegian Wood
11. Soul Vendors – Love Me Girl
12. Winston Holness – You Shoudnt Be The One



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Rocksteady Coxsone Style — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,

    Felicitation for your blog! I would like to know if this compilation was really released in 1968 or if it was done later while putting the 1968 date on the label. Some sources said to me that the Jacob Miller song ‘Love Is A Message’ titles here ‘Let Me Love You’ was recorded in around 1968/1970 and released years after (1973), using the vocals with a new riddim (7′ Money Disc). However the Money Disc release and the one on this compilation are the same song, with same riddim…

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