Longshot Kick De Bucket

The Pioneers – Longshot Kick De Bucket


Thanks to 45cat for label scan.


Following up from the tune they did about the racehorse Longshot (Bus Me Bet), ‘Longshot Kick De Bucket’ is unsurprisingly about the death of that horse. It was a big commercial success in the UK making number 21 in October 1969 and re-entering the charts at number 40 in January 1970. ‘Longshot Kick De Bucket’ is widely available on CD including several of the Trojan box sets, it is also available on a 7″ Beverley’s repress.

Beverley’s All Stars – Doubleshot



Released as the flip to The Beverley’s All Stars ‘Gimme Gimme Gal’   It is not available on CD.

The Soul Mates – Pussy Catch A Fire


Thanks to DnB Records for label scan.

A rude cut to the ‘Longshot Kick De Bucket’ rhythm, it is available on the Trojan X-Rated Box Set.

Prince Of Darkness – The Burial Of Longshot Part 1


Thanks to 45cat for label scan.


Jumping on the Longshot bandwagon Prince Of Darkness released this number on Trojan imprint Down Town, unfortunately for them I didn’t have quite the same commercial success. As far as I know it is not available on CD.

Prince Of Darkness – The Burial Of Longshot Part 2


Thanks to 45cat for label scan.


The version isn’t available on CD either.

Lloyd Charmers – Death A Come


Thanks to 45cat for label scan.


Another Lloyd Charmers cut on this rhythm. strangely there is a Lloyd Charmers track of the same name on the Trojan Instrumentals Box Set which is a totally different tune. The sound-clip above is of the Explosion release which is not as far as I’m aware available on CD.

The Slickers – Longshot Kick The Bucket



A very cheesy 1976 cove version by the slickers I’m pretty sure these are not the same Slickers that recorded ‘Man Beware’. I doubt this version is available on CD.

Kofi – Longshot Kick The Bucket



A version of ‘Longshot Kick De Bucket’ that I don’t know anything about.

The Specials – Longshot Kick De Bucket



The Specials, as well as other Two-Tone bands covered this track.


Longshot Kick De Bucket — 9 Comments

  1. I think you’re mistaking. The track “Death A Come” by Lloyd Charmers on the Trojan Instrumentals Box Set is the same as the sound clip.

    I just discovered your website today, and I’m glad I have! Keep up the good work!

  2. Lloyd Charmers – Death A Come…..the sample here is available on this VA CD Matador Productions 1968 To 1972 – Reggae Classics From The Originator (Heartbeat Records 1992) track 3 – Death A Come by Lloyd Robinson not Lloyd Charmers, don’t you just love reggae? :-)

  3. Don’t really see the connection between “Long shot kick the bucket” and “Follow this sound”? The last one is certainly one (of many) versions of “Watch this sound” by the Uniques?
    Love your site though!

  4. The Kofi cut is surely Mad Professor produced? She worked a lot with him and it certainly sounds like Ariwa Studio. Nice to hear Burial Of Longshot again, tune!

  5. Great page, great site! Thanks.

    You might wish to know that Rico Rodriguez, the great Jamaican trombonist, put out a disk in 2006 – I bought it in MP3 on Amazon; iTunes has it, too – called Wareika Vibes. It includes a tribute to the original called “Another Longshot.” It swings.

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