Justin Hinds – On A Saturday Night

Justin Hinds And The Dominoes

On A Saturday Night / Save A Bread


On A Saturday Night Save A Bread
OASN.mp3 SAB.mp3

Label: Island
Year: 1967
Producer: Duke Reid
Cat No.: WI 3048
Country Pressed: UK

Justin Hinds And The Dominoes’ ‘On A Saturday Night’ is based on the rock steady version of his big ska hit ‘Carry Go Bring Come’, or at least it uses some of the same lyrics “leave ‘less you’re hanging around” but he seems to have been very fond of that lyric it crops up in “Say Me Say” too. ‘Save A Bread’ sees Justin Hinds imploring people to think about their future, over another nice rock steady rhythm. Both tracks are available on the Sanctuary Records CD Justin Hinds And The Dominoes – Carry Go Bring Come: Anthology 64-74.

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