A Zodiac Of Reggae Labels

A Zodiac Of Reggae Labels

Aries Jah Stitch – Combination Three
Taurus Keith Poppin – Hold Not Thy Peace
Gemini Tristan Palmer – This Little Girl
Cancer Carl Dawkins – Dreadful Situation
Leo Joy White – Dread Out De
Virgo Lion Youth – Decelia
Libra Keith Blake – Judgement Time
Scorpio Augustus Pablo – Iggie Iggie
Sagittarius Sagittarius Band – We Rule
Capricorn Michael Fitzroy – Standing In The Dance
Aquarius Herman – Oh How Happy
Pisces Lloyd Gordon – Oh So Lonely

Thanks to DnB Records, Reggae Collector and Strickly Vibes for label scans.

Over the years I’ve noticed that there are a lot of reggae labels named after signs of the Zodiac, so I thought I would see if there was one named after each of the star signs and sure enough there is.


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  1. Hello friend! “Lloyd Gordon ‎– Oh So Lonely”

    well, my name is andré and i would like to make you a wish.

    If it were possible you send me this sound in mp3? I’ve been trying to find on the internet for some time now and that sound was very striking to me.Lloyd

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